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Government/Private Building

High rise security’s defining moment happened when the 9/11 terrorists destroyed New York’s Twin Towers. The disaster forced a redefinition of the strategic fundamentals used to protect commercial and residential high rises.

A high rise is exposed to all the normal security risks of a street-level structure including crime, vandalism, and disturbances. But, the uniqueness of its physical stature calls for a different protection approach. Tall buildings house a high population in a concentrated area. Movement is restricted to elevators and stairwells. Limited entrances and exits cause another safety concern. The swell of humanity and numerous corridors provide anonymity for plotting criminals and terrorists. From underground garages to the roof, a successful high rise security plan tackles challenges literally from the ground up, we are dedicated to protecting our clients, our personnel and our communities by providing professional, courteous and effective security through careful screening and access restrictions based on the venue and client requirements.