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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Who would I deal with if I have any problems with the guards?
Answer: You would deal directly with the owners, no middlemen.

Question: How is overtime paid?
Answer: Who pays for overtime is negotiable.

Question: Who inspects to ensure guards are following my policies and procedures?
Answer: The owners directly and frequently inspect the guards. There are no middlemen.

Question: What are relevant shoplifting laws?
Answer: Security officers can only make a citizens’ arrest. The guard must be very careful of
false arrest and false detention.

Question: What are the relevant use-of-force laws (penal law article 35)?
Answer: Security officers can only use force in self-defense or defense of a third party. Security
officers are not authorized to leave the premises in pursuit of a shoplifter.

Question: What if I need another guard or a change in scheduling?
Answer: You can call the owners directly and they will quickly add another guard to your site
within an hour or change scheduling as required.

Question: What is the guards’ dress code?
Answer: Security officers will be impeccably dressed and well-groomed at all times. Men and
women will be in business attire. Men will have no facial hair.

Question: What if post orders change?
Answer: Call the owners 24 hours in advance.

Question: What will my guard services cost?
Answers: Quote is negotiable