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Education Facility/Campus Security

At New York Protection & Surveillance we provide experienced officers to act as the first line of defense against criminal activity and theft. Our guards are trained to liaise with local law enforcement when needed and possess the tact and professionalism to interact daily with students, threatening individuals, and the general public. We are committed to maintaining a strong presence in schools of all types, all shapes and sizes, and all grade levels.

The risks facing schools, both public and private, include bullying, weapons, drugs, vandalism, staff and student harassment, property theft and gang activity. The need to increase public confidence and relieve parental concerns must be balanced with declining budgets, aging schools, and increasing random acts of violence within the school setting. Our roles and responsibilities include health emergencies/first aid/CPR and AED response, fire safety and evacuation, investigating safety, security hazards or unusual incidents, early-warning text & email alerts about local crime and security threats, annual updates on campus crime and fire statistics, lost and found as well as dealing with campus parking permits.